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New York-based musician ‘Adom’ has taken his career from writing and producing for other artists to craft his signature sound. The multi-instrumentalist’s career started at an early age writing songs for BOSTON, one of the top-selling rock bands with over thirty million records sold. 

Enthusiasm from the Beginning

Music production and the format of a great song was something Adom became aware of as a child. And from trying his hand on creating some amazing numbers as a child, to becoming a songwriter for BOSTON, Adom took a great leap.

While he was a child, he used to understand the song patterns of some of the major artists, including Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, and Def Leopard with their well-produced sound. He also studied the music of James Brown and Michael Jackson, and how they become one with the groove and vocalists like Bono of U2 that can sing from an Intimate soft vocal to a passionate cry and chill maker moments.

Adom – “Passion for Music Runs in My Veins!”

Adom was surrounded by music his entire life. His father Fran Cosmo was the lead vocalist in the band Orion the Hunter (Epic Records). He was also a member of the band Boston.

With a passion for songwriting running through his veins from an early age, Adom’s catchy chord changes and melodies expose an authentic artist whose diverse vocals have the power to provoke a profound response.

His first instrument was the guitar. He learned how to play right handed and then realized he played better as a lefty.

Adom has crafted a brand for himself on his terms. As an independent artist, he has the creative freedom to explore the direction of the music. The new tracks have struck a chord, with a global audience hitting nearly two million views in just two months. 

         “Reimagine your entire life”     Adom